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Book Clubs


We read and give presentations on academic books related to consciousness sciences, neuroscience, and philosophy of mind.

Books we have read:

  • <Consciousness: The Last Mystery of Brain> by Jae-ik Kim

  • <Philosophy of Mind: A Beginner's Guide> by Ian Ravenscroft

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Journal Clubs

We read and discuss academic papers about recent findings in consciousness science and neuroscience and review papers of various theories of consciousness.

Papers we have read:

  • Pereira, Michael, et al. "Evidence accumulation relates to perceptual consciousness and monitoring." Nature communications 12.1 (2021): 1-11.

  • Nieder, Andreas, Lysann Wagener, and Paul Rinnert. "A neural correlate of sensory consciousness in a corvid bird." Science 369.6511 (2020): 1626-1629.

  • Vesuna, Sam, et al. "Deep posteromedial cortical rhythm in dissociation." Nature 586.7827 (2020): 87-94.

  • Bittner, Sean R., et al. "Interrogating theoretical models of neural computation with emergent property inference." eLife (2021): 56265.


Invited Lectures

We invite consciousness researchers for private lectures

People we have invited:

  • Dr. Minkyung Kim (Center for Consciousness Science, University of Michigan)

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